Winger Companies has taken the lead in today’s field of equipment installation. Utilizing precision laser alignment technology, we are able to provide our customers with quality installation, steel fabrication and structural design. Our wide knowledge base has allowed us to complete projects such as 3M Tape Manufacturing, Cargill’s Itaconic, Vitamin E and manufacturing facilities, and a variety of water and waste treatment plants. A key to our success is our commitment to continued Quality Control, Safety and Training Programs. The results are maximum efficiency, improved productivity and customer satisfaction.

Winger is trusted by companies of all sizes and from numerous industries to provide millwright services under the most demanding circumstances. Winger is willing and able to meet tight deadlines, even tighter tolerances, and provide superior availability

Please contact:

Doc Brinegar
Millwright & Steel Fabrication Manager
p: 641-682-3407 
e: [email protected]

Dane Patton
Ottumwa Manager
p: 641-777-5684 
e: [email protected]